Libertarian vice presidential candidate Spike Cohen visits Fargo

Cohen made a stop at Lindenwood Park promoting his running mate, Jo Jorgenson.

FARGO, N.D. – The vice presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party was in Fargo for a rally tour promoting his running mate, Dr. Jo Jorgenson.

Spike Cohen made a stop at Lindenwood Park as part of a three week bus tour. He spoke with the community about the issues they are facing.

The Libertarian Party platform advocates for free-market healthcare, a foreign policy of non-intervention and an end to the War on Drugs.

Cohen says because of the major divide in the country right now, it gives the Libertarian Party the chance to do right by the American people.

“This isn’t about conservative versus liberal or Republican versus Democrat. This is about the American people versus a small handful of incredibly powerful people who have robbed them of their power and freedom of wealth for their own benefit and for the incredibly powerful people who put them in office. We can fix this by giving them their power back,” Cohen said.

The next stop on the bus tour is Minneapolis on Friday night.

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