Peterson and Fischbach debate agriculture and coronavirus

Fischbach Peterson Debate
Courtesy: Prairie Public

FARGO, N.D. – Congressman Collin Peterson and former Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach share why they should represent the western part of the state in Washington.

Peterson touted his work chairing the House Agriculture Committee including passing a farm bill and USMCA.

Fischbach believes Congress should work on improving the economy which has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

“We tried to put a one size fits all policy on the entire state and it didn’t work for rural Minnesota and we’ve really done some damage with.. in the ag industry, in the businesses,” Fischbach said.

“Unfortunately, we keep sending mixed messages from the federal government and I think it’s a problem,” Peterson said.

Peterson says he voted against China being in the World Trade Organization and if they were not allowed in the group in 2001, our country could have avoided its recent trade war.

Fischbach says American farmers were most hurt by China’s retaliatory tariffs.

You can watch the full debate below.

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