Infrastructure updates and street art among topics explored at Eggs and Issues

The Chamber's event gives look at ideas for downtown areas for FMWF

FARGO, N.D. – It’s the lowdown on the downtowns in the metro.

Some of Fargo’s downtown projects are bringing more art to the streets, creating additional parking and building businesses near Main Avenue’s new roundabout.

Downtown Moorhead Inc. is working with the city and community to give it a makeover. Their master plan is starting with the reconstruction of Center Avenue.

West Fargo’s downtown projects include working on re-branding the area and a road diet. It will slow traffic, increase sidewalk size and narrow roads.

“Oftentimes, when someone comes and says they want to see our downtown, we’ll take them to ours, but we’ll say there’s also great downtowns in Fargo and Moorhead because people really want selection, and we got it,” West Fargo Planning and Zoning Director Tim Solberg said.

Next month’s “Eggs and Issues” will be a virtual event on homelessness and hunger. To learn more, visit The Chamber’s website.

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