‘We may be entering the darkest period’ Gov. Burgum discusses rise in Covid-19 in ND

North Dakota Governor provides an update on the pandemic as the state sees an increase in positive Covid-19 cases.

BISMARCK, N.D. – Governor Doug Burgum expressed his concerns on the record number high of Covid-19 related cases in the state.

“There has been a lot of attention nationally around North Dakota leading the nation in positive cases per capita,” Burgum said.

Over the past week the state has seen a dramatic increase in positive results with 3,117 new cases and 54 reported deaths.

“It is a tragedy in the sense that that’s more than we had in some of the months earlier on and during this pandemic,” Burgum explained.

Burgum believes an increase in testing does have an impact on the number of positive tests results.

“I do want to assure North Dakotan’s that there is covid math at work here because we’re doing three to five times as much testing per capita,” Burgum said.

The governor says the state’s numbers may be heading in the wrong direction, but compared to surrounding states, North Dakota continues to perform well.

“I want to thank all North Dakotan’s who have been doing their part to help put us in this position. This is the way that we can keep our kids in school, our teams on the fields, our businesses healthy, our economy going and our government running,” Burgum said.

However, Governor Burgum says there may be worse things to come as the state continues to see an increase in cases.

“We may be entering the darkest period that we have experienced in the state during this pandemic,” Burgum said.

Yet he still remains hopeful.

“We really can be a state that’s a role model for individual responsibility,” Burgum said.

Governor Burgum says the rise in coronavirus cases is due to the early identification of people that are asymptomatic and pre symptomatic.

He adds there may be less restrictions on some activities if there is appropriate masking.

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