New material is being used on a road in Barnesville after dust complaints

The application started yesterday and they are expecting to finish today.

BARNESVILLE, Minn.- The City of Barnesville is applying experimental polymer to a road after years of dust complaints.

Keith Jackson has been living between 12th and 13th Street Southeast in Barnesville for almost half a decade. When he first saw the home they knew it was the family’s “dream home.” It was everything he could imagine and more, ut there was a catch.

“The dust,” Jackson said.

Having grown up in the countryside, he knew the impact that having a gravel road would have, so he wanted to know the city’s plan regarding the road before committing to the home.

“They told me there was a plan to take that road over to township and there would be an improvement type to it which would’ve meant a hard surface,” Jackson said.

Four years later and every improvement so far has been a temporary solution making it hard for Jackson to do activities in the backyard.

“Throughout the years, we’ve put this chemical called chloride down to help with the dust control. It was only good for maybe a month or two or as much rain that would mix the chemical to keep the dust down,” Barnesville Mayor Jason Rick said.

That is until last year when the city learned about polymer.

“This chemical was introduced and brought to us to try to put on the road to hopefully harden the surface so we don’t have dust or keep spending the money on that chloride,” Ricks said.

They remain hopeful that this will not be an issue anymore.

“Everyone is going into it optimistically hoping that it will,” Jackson said.

“We’ve got our fingers crossed that this will work,” Rick said.

If it does, they will apply the same chemical to different roads around town where complaints have been made.

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