Menahga woman celebrates 100th birthday: “It feels great!”

Turning 100 years old is a milestone fewer than 1% of Americans get to pass, according to the 2010 Census

MENAHGA, Minn. — It’s a day not many get to see in their lifetimes.

“I turned 100 today,” Lorraine Madsen of Menagha, Minnesota says with a smile.

She may have just turned 100, but Lorraine says she doesn’t feel a day over 75.

“It feels great. It feels great!” She adds, “I feel honored and special, and all my kids and all of my family is here.”

More than 30 family members and friends, some traveling across the country, are gathering to celebrate. Lorraine says, “All five of my sons are here, and that doesn’t happen very often.”

Although the birthday bash would’ve been even bigger had it had not been for the coronavirus, Lorraine’s family says they’re glad they can be together for her special day.

“There was a lot of trust put in each other that nobody was going to show up with a temperature or any symptoms,” explains her son Brad.

The Spanish flu pandemic ended just before Lorraine was born in 1920, and she grew up on her parent’s South Dakota farm during the Great Depression. “We didn’t have any money,” she recalls.

Seeing how hard her parents worked and barely making ends meet, Lorraine left the farming life behind. “I didn’t miss it. I wouldn’t marry a farmer,” she laughs. “I didn’t want any boyfriends that were farmers!”

Instead, she fell in love with an educator, moved to Minnesota and was married for 61 years.

Her husband Howard passed away in 2008, and with most of her children living elsewhere, Lorraine stays in touch with them on social media.

When she’s not on Facebook, she’s watching her favorite baseball team on TV. “I love the Twins. I watch the Twins every game they play. Every game!”

Besides a lot of coffee and a little bit of wine, Lorraine says the secret to a long life is good genes, a good husband and good kids.

Lorraine’s youngest great grandson was born in April, marking a century between the two.

She has a total of twelve grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Lorraine received birthday cards from both the Twins and the White House.

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