“You Gotta Stay Active”: 102-Year-Old Man Continues To Farm

Harwood man wont be retiring anytime soon

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Farmers of all ages were packing in at West Fargo’s Big Iron Farm Show to talk about the latest crop yields and to check out the newest technology. For one Harwood man, this isn’t his first time at the show. “Well Big Iron has been 30 years now,” Earl Mallinger Says. He’s also not new to…

Roadway Litterbugs Beware: Fines May Drastically Increase for ND

North Dakota lawmakers approved a $500 fine for littering while driving

FARGO, N.D. — Drivers in North Dakota could face harsher fines for throwing garbage on state highways. NDDOT workers said it’s bad for the environment and can even be dangerous to other drivers. If you get caught littering on state highways in North Dakota, the fine is $100. But changing laws could drastically raise the fine to $500. The bill…

Developers Transforming a 100-Year-Old Horse Stable into a Restaurant

A historic horse stable in the downtown Fargo area is turning into a resturant

A former horse stable in downtown Fargo that is more than a century old is to be redeveloped into a restaurant after getting a tax break. The two story wooden structure was built for horses used by a construction company between 1905 and 1910. It’s attached to the back of the Prairie Roots Co-Op building. The restaurant, which is not…