‘Women for Trump’ bus makes campaign stop in Moorhead

MOORHEAD, Minn. — When asked what message he wants to send to Minnesotans, President Donald Trump simply told South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem to send his love.

She recalls, “I talked to him just a few days ago and I said, ‘Mr. President, I’m going to be traveling through Minnesota on a bus tour. I’m going to be talking to a lot of people who love you. What should I tell them?’ He said, ‘Kristi, you just tell them I love them.’ That was the only message he had for you.”

With the election three weeks away, some Republicans believe this is the year Minnesota will turn red for the first time in decades.

“We have seen this state completely shift and trend in a different direction over the past several election cycles, particularly in Greater Minnesota,” says Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan. “These are no longer areas of the state that Democrats can rely on.”

A sea of pink and red filled the Moorhead Trump Victory Office parking lot as the “Women for Trump” campaign bus rolled in.

The group of around 50 people, mostly mask-less, cheered as Gov. Noem, Chairwoman Carnahan, and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge stressed the importance of saying “no to Joe.”

As the first Republican and woman to serve as Arkansas Attorney General, Rutledge says she understands the importance of shattering glass ceilings.

Under a Biden administration, Sen. Kamala Harris would be the first woman of color VP, but Rutledge says that would come at too high of a price: “A historical milestone need not come at the expense of America.”

One Moorhead woman says this election is about picking someone who would give the best opportunities to everyone in the country.

“Donald Trump has supported the businesses of minorities, and I have friends locally who, they’ve come to this country in recent years and been able to start up their own business and be successful in their own business,” says Lisa Hahn.

At the end of the day, Gov. Noem says it’s about protecting Americans’ freedoms. “There is no president who has done more to protect and defend our fundamental freedoms in the last 50 years than what President Trump has done in the last four.”


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