MN election results could be finalized the week after Election Day

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota election officials say the earliest final numbers from the 2020 election will be available a full week after Election Day.

Secretary of State Steve Simon and his office outlining how it will all look and how ballots will be processed statewide.

New this year, Minnesota will start counting absentee ballots 14 days before Election Day. They will continue counting ballots until the close of business November 10th.

Simon says that night will be like election night, but one week later.

“I feel good about what we are, where we are. There are reasons why Minnesota is ahead of the pack starting with the fact that we’re a paper ballot state. That means our whole field of vulnerability is really shrunken. We are not like other states that have gone in for electronic, touch screen, no receipt, no paper trail voting. We’re not like that,” Simon said.

1.3 million Minnesotans have already requested mail ballots for this election.

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