Minnesota Zoo serves as a getaway destination to help people connect to the outdoors

Virtual resources available to bring outdoor learning into your home

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. – With autumn around for only a little while longer, the Minnesota Zoo in the Twin Cities is the perfect place to escape for a short weekend getaway.

Its beautiful fall foliage line the park’s pathways and trails for beautiful outdoor scenery, but most importantly the animals are plentiful.

“So, the Minnesota Zoo is a really unique destination. We have 500 species of animals, about 5,000 individual animals from all around the world. So really it is just a great destination to be able to connect with the natural world,” Minnesota Zoo Communications Specialist Zach Nugent said.

The zoo also features unique educational programs where kids can learn virtually about weird animal behaviors and gross diets. One of those programs is the Digital Detectives program.

“We have a fantastic education department and really they have been working hard to develop some virtual opportunities for those who are learning at home or can’t make the trip down to the zoo. So, right now we have a Digital Detectives program and these are geared towards students who are on break,” Nugent said.

While out exploring, you may get the opportunity to meet one of the zoo’s newest members.

“Our newest addition is a newborn baby tapir. So, our Malayan tapir was born in early August and has been spending his first few weeks behind the scenes with his mom Bertie, but he is now slowly starting to get used to his public habitat.

The Minnesota Zoo offers unique experiences for everyone to take part of; including getting the chance to vote online for the name of the Tapir.

“So, if you’re looking for a way to really just connect with the zoo and offer your animal lovers an opportunity to really learn about our animals in nature, the Minnesota Zoo is a great resource and we have those virtual resources on our website,”¬†Nugent said.

You can find more on how you can take part in experiencing the Minnesota Zoo by clicking here.


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