Social Distancing: Makeup Of Horror

A Teen Shows Us You Can Learn Impressive Makeup Skills In Time For Halloween


We’re getting to spooky season. And you can put the fright in someone while still social distancing. All you need is a little practice.

Amber Bloody 2 Amber Bloody










Take a look at this blood and gore. This is Amber Sander. She owns Boots and Heels in Fargo in Devils Lake. And no, she didn’t fall victim to an unfortunate shoe accident. That’s all makeup, done by her 13-year-old daughter, Bailey.
Amber tells me that Bailey has been spending her downtime during the pandemic learning how to do truly gruesome and awe-inspiring makeup jobs. It looks like a festering wound, but all it is is glue, tissues and regular makeup, stuff you probably have lying around.

Amber Leg

Amber says her daughter is learning by watching YouTube tutorials. She loves arts and crafts, and that passion is coming out in a very seasonally appropriate way.
Amber says Bailey’s next trick will be learning how to add facial features using a mixture of flour and Vaseline. That is so cool. The kid is talented. She might have found her future career.

What skills are you developing in this social distancing age? Learning to play an instrument? Or are you making your mom look like she just got in a car crash like Bailey is?
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