Boo at the Zoo provides a way for families to enjoy Halloween amid COVID-19

The next dates for Boo at the Zoo are October 24 and 31

FARGO, N.D. — With COVID-19 cases on the rise in the metro, the Red River Zoo is trying to provide a fun and safe way to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween is a favorite for many, especially kids.

Boo at the Zoo is an opportunity for families to be able to celebrate Halloween one way or another, especially during these times.

“I know that kids and families really look forward to it. Particularly this year because some parents are nervous about going door to door trick or treating,” says the Executive Director of Boo at the Zoo Sally Jacobson.

The Zoo has made sure to implement extra safety precautions for anyone visiting.

“We have a special extra entrance, because we do get more crowds. So, we have a new thing that people can go through. We have social distancing markers throughout the Zoo. Of course everyone that comes is required to wear a mask and all of our staff and vendors are wearing a mask as well. Lots of hand sanitizing stations throughout the zoo. And then again, everything is outdoors,” Jacobson says.

Some kids in the metro braved the cold to come out to the Red River Zoo for early Halloween celebrations.

Many said it had been a long time since they’ve been at the Zoo.

“People can get out of their houses instead of staying in” says Martina Beston.

It’s a place they say they always enjoy coming to.

“We’re seeing the animals, that’s my favorite part,” says Sophia Cudmore

“My favorite part is to see all the animals and learn about them,” says Jailynn Williams.

“We like to explore new animals, and learn new animals,” says Taryn.

The kids also shared their favorite part about Halloween.

“Getting candy and eating until one o’clock in the morning,” says Cudmore.

“Dressing up and getting a whole bunch of candy,” says Williams.

And the candy they always hope to get when they go trick or treating.

“Reeses Pieces or Skittles,” says Cudmore.

“Twix or Reeses Pieces,” says Williams.

“I like Twix,” says Beston.

“I like Twix and Kit Kat,” says Hailey Berg.

“Licorice or Twix, kind of chocolate,” says Taryn.

“Mine are starburst and M&M’s,” says Arianna.

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