Nonprofit organization adopts highway to help keep community clean

Volunteers dress up to serve 'Fall clean-up' cause
Ditch Crew

The Mapleton Lions Club of North Dakota has adopted three miles of highway to help keep the city clean, free of debris and overall make a difference in the community.

A handful of volunteers walked the ditch, picking up trash along the way.

To make the fall clean up experience more enjoyable, service members of the Mapleton Lions wore costumes in the spirit of Halloween.

“It’s a service organization, so the motto is we serve and really that’s just what it is, it’s we serve so we do things to help our community to help the area more specifically really focused on Mapleton itself.” Andy Draeger, President of Mapleton Lions Club said.

The Mapleton organization is always looking for new members and plan on doing another cleanup event in the spring.

For more information on the Lions Club, click here.

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