Fargo-based Steffes Group reaches 60 years in business

Success built on hard work and a family willing to work together.

FARGO, N.D – A company is honored by The Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber of Commerce on three Generations of Success.

Steffes Group Celebrates 60 years in business.

Founder Robert Steffes remembers the days when he all he had was his microphone, mind and truck. Now, he’s astonished at the growing company that employs his son, grandson and many other family members.

Understanding when to step down and allow a new voice to take over, Robert has been pleased about what his son Scott has accomplished and is excited for what the next generation holds.

“Third generation to carry it on now. It’s up to him, but but you know, normally if you get 40 to 50 years in the auction business, I mean, that’s top. Here I am 60 and toasting,” Robert Steffes said.

Robert believes that his grandson Max’s focus on real estate might be the future of the company.

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