Social Distancing: Holiday Movies Are Already Here

Hallmark Is Getting Weird This Year


We’re still a dozen days out from Halloween, but some people are looking way past that to mistletoe and candy canes.
And if we can’t enjoy the festive holiday spirit with each other as much this year, you could make up for it with near-lethal amounts of Christmas movies.

The Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas starts this week. They’re not even waiting for Halloween.
They aired a preview special Saturday night, and you best believe I watched it, because I’m a good boyfriend.
My girlfriend loves these movies. In fact, I ordered her Hallmark Channel socks and a coffee mug over the weekend. She doesn’t know that, but let’s see if she’s listening this morning.
Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure, who I know as DJ Tanner from Full House, went through some of the *40* new movies they’re showing starting this weekend.
Most of these are standard love stories with holiday backdrops and hot cocoa… a woman comes back to her hometown for Christmas and falls in love, or a career-minded woman finds out work isn’t everything. Honestly, they’re all pretty similar.
But Hallmark is getting a little weird this year, and I’m kinda on board with it. Let’s run through some of the more oddball plots.

There’s one is called, “A Nashville Christmas Carol”, and it’s got ghosts. I know there’s the famous Charles Dickens Christmas Carol, but did his version have ghosts played by Wynonna Judd and Kix Brooks from Brooks and Dunn? I don’t think so. I’m ready for that level of ridiculousness. That one airs November 21st.

Then there’s one called, “A Timeless Christmas”. It’s about a guy who time travels from 1903 to present day. Forget about learning about airplanes or the internet. Instead, he’ll fall in love with a woman working at the museum his home turned into. This is probably the one I’m most excited about, because it seems bonkers. That one airs November 15th.

And then there’s this one, which…I don’t even know. It’s called, “Good Morning, Christmas”. It’s about two morning TV hosts who hate each other. They’re sent on assignment together over the holidays. Then they fall in love.

I don’t know if I can handle that one, but it airs November 25th. At least I have *39* other movies to choose from. You can actually download a checklist to keep crack of them.

Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. We’ve got a lot of holidays coming up that we’re gonna celebrate a little differently than in the past. How are you planning around the pandemic for the holidays?
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