Social Distancing: Having Fun In Spite Of The Snow

Plus, some ways to still get into the Halloween spirit


It’s cold and snowy out. As much as you might not want it to be that time of year, it is. But you can still get out and enjoy some fresh air if you don’t mind the snow.

I went out on a run Tuesday afternoon. It was actually really nice. Just gotta make sure you bundle up. Plus, social distancing is a lot easier when most people are scared indoors by the snow. Plus, if you’re moving, your body heats up and the temps don’t feel bad at all.

But even if you just want to sit around in the snow, you still can.

THIS is why we love it in Moorhead! This brave and determined crew even brought their own shovel.

Posted by Swing Barrel Brewing Company, LLC on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

These brave beer fans literally brought their own shovel to clear off a table outside of Swing Barrel Brewing in Moorhead. The brewery posted this ode to some loyal customers on Facebook. If you want to stay safe while supporting local business, this is definitely a way how.


Now, Halloween is nearly upon us. And if snow isn’t a deterrent this year, COVID definitely is. But there are still a couple ways to have fun and celebrate the Halloween spirit virtually.

Where is the Park Pumpkin this week? Comment your answer below for a chance to win a Fargo Parks prize pack!🎃Carve out…

Posted by Fargo Park District on Monday, October 19, 2020

The Fargo Parks District is holding a Park Pumpkin Trivia Contest all month on Facebook. They’re posting pics of pumpkins each week, and people have to guess which park the pumpkin is at. If you guess right on Facebook, you’ll be in the running to win a Fargo Park prize pack each week. I have no idea where that pumpkin is. It’s on a frisbee golf basket, but they have those at a lot of parks. Good luck guessing.

If you’re bummed about missing out on costumed shenanigans with friends, Junkyard Brewing in Moorhead might have you covered this year. They’re hosting a costume contest based on their beer labels. You have to dress like one of their labels and post a pic to their Facebook page by Sunday. Then they’ll set up a bracket and have people vote. The top three vote-getters win prizes. This is a brewery and winners have to be at least 21, but you can use kids and/or pets in your costume.

Halloween. I’m trying to brew up some spooky ways to mark the hoilday from a safe social distancing.
I need your help though.
Let me know your Halloween ideas and plans on Facebook and Twitter.


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