Mask restrictions pose concerns for people in Fargo

Mayoral mask mandate raises awareness amid pandemic.

FARGO, N.D. — “We very much want to avoid a second shut down because in the spring it was very devastating to many of our businesses,” Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney said.

With a continuous rise in COVID-19 cases, Mayor Mahoney enacted emergency protocol to have a city-wide mask mandate and prevent a second shutdown.

Some people think it is a necessary measure.

“Yeah, I work at a smaller business I know that it affected us last time, I was out of work
for a few months and If that happens again there will be some repercussions.” Kennedy Ruziska said.

Since then, other cities have followed suit. West Fargo issuing a mask strategy plan and Grand
Forks implementing mask use in city owned buildings, but some people think these mandates aren’t necessary.

“I think it’s a free country and it should be an option to wear a mask like if you want to then
you can do it but if you don’t want to then you shouldn’t have to. If you see me just walking in there without a mask like I’m not going to wear it, I don’t think it’s doing anything to mandate. Paxton Joliff said.

With the larger gatherings that come with the holiday season it has others thinking for the
worst and would rather see a shutdown.

“I think that’s an opportunity to make a lot of people get it, especially kids because you never
know what people have in their house you don’t know what people are doing to the candies, you never know if someone might have corona virus they’re not telling their family members or their friends around them and the kids go trick or treating, the next thing you know the kids bring it home so i think its a bad idea. I think they should shut it down before it’s too late.” Andre Nanga said.

There are no restrictions on Halloween protocols at this time.

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