7-year-old celebrates being cancer free at Roger Maris Cancer Center

Tommy Calder was diagnosed with leukemia in February of 2018. After nearly three years of treatment, the Warren, Minnesota native is cancer free.

FARGO, N.D. –February 18th, 2018 was the day Robert Calder and Tina Flier heard every parent’s worst nightmare.

“It felt like a big punch in the stomach,” said Calder.

Their son Tommy was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Since that day, the family has made the two-hour trip from their home in Warren, Minnesota to the Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo more times than they can count in order for Tommy to receive treatment.

“He’s very tough. When he walks in this door, they have an iPad waiting for him because they know all they have to do is give him that iPad and he let’s them do whatever. He lets them do his port. He just let them put a needle in his arm,” said Flier.

“I don’t think he has ever cried once,” adds Calder.

It’s that strength that has made people call Tommy a lot of things since he has been diagnosed; brave, strong, resilient.

Now, he is a survivor.

Tommy rang the bell that signifies every cancer patient and their families dream. A ring that lets the world know Tommy is cancer free.

“No more putting chemo in his mouth or his veins,” Calder said.

“He can be a kid again,” said Flier.

The family celebrated the moment with the staff at Roger Maris that has been there for them through the good and the bad days.

“This hospital has been amazing. Everybody from the doctors to the nurses to child life. They are spectacular,” said Calder. “We couldn’t think of a better place for him to get treatment.”

Not the treatment, the pills or the long car rides to Fargo were ever enough to wipe the contagious smile off of Tommy’s face. It was his courage that got his parents through these last three years.

No one was happier to hear that bell than them.

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