The Chambers hosts Eggs & Issues to talk about topics like homelessness

Homelessness rates are going up, and local leaders are trying to find solutions

FARGO, N.D. – The Chambers Eggs & Issues this month focuses on homelessness, hunger & the impact it has on our community.

Community leaders from the FM area virtually joined to answer questions about their progress in the fight against homelessness.

A big topic was the impact COVID-19 is having on it.

Goldmark Property Management says it’s nervous for struggling families for the lift of the rent moratorium on January 1st.

“We need to be sure that we have enough emergency shelter to meet the needs of those folks who can’t be diverted from it in the event of a housing crisis. Then we need to make sure we’re marshalling enough resources to assist those folks in moving from homelessness to stable housing,” says Churches United Chief Executive Officer Pastor Sue Koesterman.

Great Plains Food Bank says it has served 35,000 additional families since the beginning of the pandemic.

The next Eggs & Issues is on December 1.

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