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MSUM Political Science Professor Dr. Barbara Headrick Goes Over Peterson, Smith, Trump And More


Even after winning 15 straight elections in Minnesota’s seventh congressional district, one local political expert says it’s not surprising Collin Peterson is facing the end of his congressional career today.

Former State Senator and Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach beat Peterson by nearly 14 percent.
MSUM Political Science Professor Dr. Barbara Headrick says people smarter than her predicted Fischbach would win.
She says Peterson is a dying political breed, a conservative Democrat.
With how much the seventh district has shifted to the right, she’s surprised he survived in Congress as long as he did.

She explains, “The district had changed for him to stick around as long as he did. The fact that he won in 2016 was pretty miraculous in the first place and the Republicans seemed to find the right candidate this time.”

Peterson seems to agree. He released a statement after his loss that said in part, “with the President winning this district by 30 points again, and the millions in outside money that was spent to attack me, the partisan tilt of this district was just too much to overcome.”

Dr. Headrick also examines Tina Smith’s Senate campaign win over Jason Lewis, and tells us if she thinks President Trump had a chance in a state he heavily targeted during the campaign.

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