Social Distancing: Silver Linings

Remembering What's Good In Life As We Deal With The Pandemic


Today’s Social Distancing Segment is about silver linings. There is a lot of bad that comes with the pandemic and it can feel overwhelming. But there are some things that can make things a little better.

Here’s a small example. I tried working on my car over the weekend and ended up screwing things up. I busted a lug nut in a wheel and had to take it in to get it fixed. Well my car needed tires too, so I’m without it for longer than I thought. So what, do I just walk to work at 2:30 in the morning?
Well here’s the silver lining. My girlfriend can work from home so she’s not using her car. So I went and just borrowed it. Otherwise the whole situation would have been much more of a headache.

So that’s my assignment for you. Remember some positive things that are going on while we endure COVID. Did you pick up new hobbies? Did you finally read that book you meant to or finish watching that show? Are you exercising more? Let me know how life is still going good on Facebook and Twitter. And we’ll share some of your answers to help spread some good vibes.

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