Drive thru event at Alerus Center provides seniors with Thanksgiving meals

For the last three years the event has taken place inside the Alerus Center, hosting more than 500 people.

GRAND FORKS, N.D.- The Grand Forks Senior center provides holiday meals drive thru style at the Alerus Center to seniors from the region ahead of Thanksgiving.

The Grand Forks Senior Center has been holding the event for 20 years.

For the last three years the event has taken place inside the Alerus Center, hosting more than 500 people.

“This year is a drive thru style because of the pandemic and we are expecting to serve 800 people a hot traditional thanksgiving meal, “says the Public Relations Manager for the Grand Forks Senior Center Jami Schumacher.

And what does a traditional Thanksgiving meal look like?

“Turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, sweet potato, I Believe. Roll, Cranberry Sauce and Pumpkin Pie,” Schumacher says.

The center wanted to still be able to provide Thanksgiving meals for those who won’t be able to get the chance to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

“As our Governors are encouraging us not to gather. So, it’s possible that Seniors will be alone this Thanksgiving. And we wanted for them to be able to have this meal,” Schumacher says.

Irene Anderson has been attending The Grand Forks Senior Center’s Thanksgiving feast for the last couple of years.

“I’m picking up for three of my sisters and my one brother. So there’s five of us,” Irene Anderson from Grand Forks says.

Anderson says what’s so special about the feast events hosted by The Grand Forks Senior Center is that they make proper meals she says are cooked with love.

“When you’re by yourself, you don’t have good food. You can go to the Grocery store and get frozen stuff, but it’s nothing like home meal cooked food. And that’s what we need as Seniors,” Anderson says.

She says even during the challenging times that we’re currently in, it’s important to still be grateful for the things we have and the people who surround us.

“We don’t want to forget Thanksgiving. That’s a day that God has given us. We have to remember to be thankful. We have a lot to be thankful for even in these times,” Anderson adds.

The center is having it’s Christmas Feast drive thru on December 15.

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