Social Distancing: Cool Runnings

Tips On Staying Up And Running In The Winter During COVID


This is the time of year where it’s harder to stay in shape, especially during COVID. You might not want to go to the gym. Outdoor workouts are getting harder to do with the weather. Holiday eating. Cookies and pies are so good! But even cold, snowy weather doesn’t have to keep you from working up a sweat.

I didn’t know about these until I started running in earnest earlier this year, but you can buy ice cleats specifically made for runners. They allow you to run on icy or snow-packed roads and trails more safely. I tried my new ones out yesterday and they worked like a charm. I just went to a local running store and they helped set me up with the right style.

And honestly, running outside this time of year isn’t that bad. Most runners in my running group say to dress like it’s about 20 degrees warmer than it is since your body heats up when you’re running.
Wear plenty of layers if it’s cold. I just wore a t-shirt and a hoodie over it.
If there’s a breeze, try running into the wind first then you’ll have it on your back for the way back and won’t freeze your face after you’ve broken a sweat.
And if your face is cold, neck gaiters are the best. They cover you up, but they’re super breathable.

Let me know if you’re becoming a winter warrior hitting the streets to stay in shape. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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