Supt. says Covid-19 is ‘leading to increase of stress & anxiety’ among students

Johnson says that's one of the main reasons why they're determined to keep their school doors open.

NORTH DAKOTA –  Governor Doug Burgum invites educators to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in schools.

Although North Dakota continues to break records for the wrong reasons, the governor says their goals continue to be the same.

“Protect the vulnerable, ensure hospital capacity, keep kids in school in-person, keep our economy open, that’s what we’ve been about since the beginning and that’s what we’re still fighting for today, everyday,” Burgum said.

The governor invited two superintendents to give their perspectives on what it’s like to lead a school through a pandemic.

Valley City Public Schools Superintendent Josh Johnson says his district will be completing its 55th consecutive day of in-person learning.

But the district adds they’ve not been immune to the effects of COVID-19.

“Like everyone else, we’ve had our fair share of students that have been out of school due to being close contacts or testing positive for COVID-19,” Valley City Public Schools Superintendent Josh Johnson said.

Johnson says he met with more than a dozen students last week to listen, learn and better understand what they could do as educators to support their academic and emotional needs.

“Collectively, each and every single one of these students adamantly expressed their desire to continue with in person education,” says Johnson said.

Mainly because of concerns over their classmates and friend’s mental health.

“It was powerful for me to listen to our high school students express that being unable to come to school due to COVID-19 is leading to an increase of anxiety, depression, stress and suicidal feelings,” Johnson said.

Johnson says that’s one of the main reasons why they’re determined to keep their school doors open.

“We’re unable to create those connections with our students when they’re not in person, in our classrooms interacting with our educators,” says Johnson said.

Another reason is to support parents, healthcare workers and the community.

Here’s the link to provide feedback to the state.

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