WATCH: Winter running tip from Fargo ends up in New York Times

The NYT Called Fargo's Beyond Running To Get Advice For Runners During Pandemic


Runners from around the country are getting running tips from right here in Fargo as they try to stay in shape this winter during the pandemic.

Beyond Running Co-Owner Sally Loeffler was featured in a New York Times article about winter running.

She says those are lessons a lot more people are going to want to learn this fall as they figure out how to exercise without the gym.

She tells us the most important thing to think about is to dress in layers, with a base layer that won’t absorb sweat, a long-sleeved second layer, and an outer layer that protects against cold, wind, and snow.

She also says reflective gear is vital as we see less daylight, plus drivers aren’t expecting to see as many runners in the winter time.

Ice cleats can help keep you from slipping on icy roads and trails.

Don’t dress too warmly. Your body heats up as you run, so you should be a little cold when you start off.

For your hands, Loeffler says mittens are warmer than gloves, and a face cover is vital when it gets really cold.

Check out more tips in the interview above. Click here to get more information about Beyond Running.

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