First Responders rescue dog stranded in the icy Sheyenne River in Horace

The rescue was caught on camera by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

HORACE, N.D.- “At approximately 8:54 this morning, the 9-11 dispatch in Fargo received a call of a dog that was in the Sheyenne River in the town of Horace,” says Cass County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Craig Keller.

“The dog was pretty much in the dead middle of the river. I’d say it was approximately 30 feet from the shoreline. 20 to 30 feet,” says Deputy Keller.

“West Fargo rural fire was able to deploy two of their firefighters into the river with their water suits and one of the firefighters was able to climb on to the ice chunk in the middle of the river, take possession of the dog, and was able to safely be pulled back to the shore by his fellow firefighters,” says Deputy Keller.

“At the time, the owner was not known. One of our other deputies was able to find a phone number on the collar on the dog,” says Deputy Keller.

“The owner was quite grateful. The dog seemed to be happy to be back with its owner as well. Obviously we do have the ordinances in Cass County as far as leash laws and animals running wild so we talked the owner about that and made sure he’s aware of those,” says Deputy Keller.

It took West Fargo firefighters about 20 minutes to rescue the female chocolate Labrador named Lola.

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