Nisbet to retire as Xcel Energy ND principal manager, replaced by Grindberg

FARGO, N.D. – The longtime principal manager for Xcel Energy in North Dakota is retiring and being replaced by a former Fargo City Commissioner.

Mark Nisbet has been principal manager for 18 years and has been with Xcel Energy for 40 years, holding a number of positions. He is retiring next month and is using the next six weeks to train Tony Grindberg. He served on the Fargo City Commission until this summer and previously served in the North Dakota Senate.

Grindberg says he’ll continue to dedicate himself to the community working towards renewable energy.

“As a company is making progress on the 80 percent goal by 2030 the jump from 2030 to 2050 will be 100 percent, that’s out there a ways and so that new technologies come on board and the company’s vision to meet that, that will be achieved,” Grindberg said.

Prior to joining Xcel, Grindberg was Vice President for Workforce Affairs at North Dakota State College of Science in Fargo.

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