Social Distancing: Can’t Win ’em All

A Social Distancing Not-To-Do This Holiday Season


Not every idea is a winner. I tried to do something fun over the weekend, and it did not work out. Here’s a social distancing not-to-do.

I bought my girlfriend a wax warmer a couple weeks ago. It’s a red pickup truck, and she made some offhand comment about wishing she had a Christmas tree to put in the back of it.
So I thought I’d make her some pine-scented wax melts. How hard can it be to melt wax, add some pine scent and pour it in a mold.

Let me tell you! It’s not worth it. I paid way too much for the supplies, the molds, essential oils, wax, coloring, and ended up making a huge mess.
I straight up ruined a cutting board, and had to literally scrape wax off the kitchen counter with a spatula.

And then the end result were unimpressive little wax melts that barely even gave off a scent even though I added more oil than the recipe I found even called for.
So yeah, you can buy packs of these melts for two bucks. Next time I’ll just do that instead of trying to be all cutesy and DIY.

You can’t win them all! My girlfriend was sweet about the whole thing even after I told her how much it cost me.

Tell me how you’re trying to make the holidays special this year during the pandemic. I clearly am running low in ideas. Let me know on Facebook and Twitter.

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