Social Distancing: Letters To Loved Ones

Make Sure You Reach Out To Loved Ones Even If You Can't See Them This Difficult Year


Tuesday, I shared my expensive, messy journey to make truly sub-par Holiday wax melts for my girlfriend’s new wax melter.
They didn’t turn out to be the lovely, fragrant wax shapes I wanted them to.

Red Truck

But my girlfriend wanted to point out that she thinks they do look really cute when you put them in her red pickup wax melter. So it’s not a total wash.

Plus I did get some advice out of the ordeal. Danielle emailed me to suggest that if I try to make something myself, go with cookies.

Danielle Cookies

She sent in this pic and said even if they turn out terrible, at least they taste good. That’s the best advice I’ve gotten in a long time.

If you’re looking for another project to lift someone’s spirits, December 9th is National Christmas Card Day according to a whole bunch of websites. And since a lot of us won’t be together over the Holidays, a hand-written card can go a long way to reminding your loved ones you’re thinking of them.

We’re really making an effort to do that in my family this year.
My grandmother is having a hard year. We had to cancel her 90th Birthday Party in April due to COVID.
She’s lost friends to COVID. And last month she suffered a stroke that knocked most of her vision out.
My dad has been rallying our family, and anyone else who is interested, to send her as many Christmas cards as possible to help lift her spirits. She’s the sweetest woman ever and deserves the reminder of how much she’s loved.

That’s why I bought 24 different Christmas card designs to send. You can find 32-packs of cards for $2.98, so it’s not a pricey project. I’ve been writing her a card every other day. And I got plenty of cards for the rest of my family as well.

So, Wednesday is the perfect day for you to write that Christmas card and remind a loved one, or anyone else, that you’re thinking about them.
Tell me who you want to write your letter to, and why. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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