Salvation Army hands out over 800 Christmas meal boxes

It may not be having it's annual Christmas dinner, but it's still providing meals to those in need this holiday season

FARGO, N.D. –  The Salvation Army’s “Operation: Rescue Christmas” is underway.

Cars were lining up outside of the Fargodome as early as 8 a.m. to pick up their food box.

The Salvation Army handed out over 800 of them to families in need of a helping hand this holiday season.

“We are prepared. We’ve thought this through. We have a great team, not just our officers but our employees all put their two cents in. I think we have a good plan to get through and survive this day,” Pastor Administrator Capt. Jeanette Jensen said.

The nonprofit organization brought in Fargo Police and volunteers to help hand out the boxes.

It includes items like ham, potatoes, bread, yams, and cranberry sauce.

“We’ve already seen happy tears of families that didn’t know how they were going to provide a Christmas for their families for their children. We just want people to know that at the Salvation Army there’s no shame. There’s a lot more people in need of help,” Jensen said.

Along with the food boxes, it’s also giving away over 400 holiday gifts to children in need.

Presents were available for kids up to 12 years old.

“There’s lots of great ones. There’s bikes down to dolls. They had to go shopping for some more because we kind of ran out of little dolls for all of the girls,” volunteer Sandi Swor said.

“The moms and dads got to give us one specific toy suggestion and then some of their likes and dislikes because we don’t know these kids, but we can’t let them come in and shop for themselves,” Jensen said.

The Salvation Army typically does an annual Christmas dinner.

With the high amount of COVID-19 case numbers in the state, the nonprofit organization wasn’t able to host it.

“This year is entirely different. So, we’ve had to change everything we’ve done to a solely drive thru system. With eight hundred, over eight hundred families that’s an ordeal,”  Jensen said.

Food boxes and gifts were also able to be delivered if the family was unable to make it to the Fargodome.

Anyone is welcome to register for the Salvation Army’s events.

To register for any event, give them a call at 701-232-5565 .

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