Social Distancing: Christmas Celebrations

Making The Most Of What We Have This Holiday Season

I hope you’re having a joyous Christmas however you’re celebrating. This is a weird year and that can make things feel stressful, especially if you can’t partake in the usual Christmas traditions.
But we can be thankful for what we have today. Things like family, even if we can’t be with them today.
In fact, this robe is reminding me to be thankful because my mom made it for me! I opened it up Christmas Eve. I love it. Thanks, mom!

My family tried a new way to celebrate Christmas this year. I usually get to see them about once a year, but our plans were cancelled due to COVID this year.
So my parents, brother, grandma, along with my girlfriend and I all video chatted while we opened presents Christmas Eve. It was different, but it was so gratifying seeing all their faces and getting to talk to them.
I’m especially glad for the time with my grandma. We were supposed to all meet up for her 90th birthday in April, but that got cancelled.
The whole thing was a lot of fun. I’m glad technology is able to keep up together somewhat during this. I hope you’re able to celebrate with loved ones some way today, as well.

I also just wanted to point out one more gift I got, in part thanks to the pandemic. My dad’s new stay-at-home hobby is knife-making, and he made this knife for me. He melted the metal, fashioned the blade, and fixed it to a deer antler handle. It’s about the coolest thing ever. I’ve been using it to cut wrapping paper.

Show me how you’re making Christmas jolly this year. If you look around, it’s easy to find things to still be thankful for this season. Let me know on Facebook and Twitter.

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