Driving conditions remain difficult as snow continues to fall across FM metro

Several crashes have been reported

FARGO, N.D. — Snow continues falling in the FM metro, making driving conditions more difficult.

Those who are thinking about getting behind the wheel should be extra cautious as the roads are slick.

In a tweet, Minnesota State Patrol Sgt. Jesse Grabow says troopers have responded to several crashes and vehicles sliding off the road along I-94.

Fargo Public Works Director Lee Anderson says crews have been working all day to make sure the city streets are as clean and safe as possible for drivers.

He adds, “Evening commute will be slippery. Expect slippery conditions, especially in the overnight hours and eventually tomorrow things should heal up a little bit better than they are this evening. I can tell you, when it snows in Fargo, it generally is slippery. It goes with the territory.”

Anderson says crews will continue working through the night and into the morning to clear the roads.

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