Social Distancing: Air Fried Cheesecake

More Culinary Adventures As We Wait For The Pandemic To End


Now is the time a lot of us are playing with our new Christmas presents. And if you like to mess around in the kitchen, air fryers are a hot holiday gift. Mine was a game-changer for me. Plus, plenty of us are still working at home with plenty of time to experiment. If you have one, they’re more versatile than you might realize. I found that out when I got this lovely thing for Christmas: an air fryer cookbook full of recipes with five ingredients or less.

I made a dang cheesecake. In my air fryer. I would have never thought of that, but it turned out amazing good. It technically took six ingredients, but I added some stevia to sweeten it up myself. But it was surprisingly simple, and the result was a decadent, fluffy cheesecake I whipped up and cooked on my counter top.

Are you learning some new skills in the new year? Expanding your horizons in the kitchen is always useful.
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