Diabetes advocates propose bill to help cap insulin costs

The proposed bill would place a $25 cap on out of pocket diabetic medical costs

NORTH DAKOTA — People in North Dakota are trying to get legislature attention for a bill that would decrease the cost of insulin.

The proposed bill would help by placing a cap of $25 on insulin charges for those in need of the medication.

Outlined in the proposal the cost would only cover those with North Dakota insurance plans.

Other than capping the cost of medication, the plan also introduces a policy to not charge patients more than $25 out of pocket expenses for diabetic related medical supplies.

“As this momentum increases as more and more states get on board with making insulin affordable, our hope is that it becomes a title wave and that every state makes a decision to do this, that the federal government decides to impose caps, but right now with this bill we can only impact North Dakotans, ” North Dakota Diabetes Advocate, Carlye Gast said

The Senate Human Services committee will hold a hearing for the Insulin and Diabetes Supplies Capping bill this Tuesday.

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