Law enforcement against plan to eliminate bail for certain offenses

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR/KCND) – A legislative committee is looking at a bill to eliminate bails and arrest warrants for “low level” offenders, those who commit Class C felonies or misdemeanors.

Supporters of the bill say some of the people who are accused of those lower-level crimes often can’t come up with the money to post bail and therefore have to sit in jail.

But representatives of law enforcement told the House Judiciary Committee they worry that if there is no bail, people will skip out of appearing in court, and flee across state lines. Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner spoke against the bill during testimony Monday.
Jahner and Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski said they would be willing to sit down with the sponsors of the bill and work on compromise language.
The committee did not take action on the proposal.
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