NDSU professor leads study on physical activity and COVID-19 complications

Study suggests physical activity helps reduce further health complications associated with COVID-19

FARGO, N.D. — With many people taking precautions to remain safe during the pandemic, some may be skipping activities that get their blood flowing and hearts pumping.

An NDSU professor is a leading author of a study called Physical Distancing Does Not Equal Physical Inactivity.

The study suggests a call to action in prioritizing physical activity during the pandemic and how exercise may help reduce further health complications.

That could include inflammation and heart conditions that could arise if a person gets COVID-19.

“What we’re finding during the pandemic and with COVID-19 is that people with these underlying health conditions are at a much greater risk of complications with this virus and with this type of infection. People with these underlying conditions could be prevented by being physically active,” NDSU Public Health Assistant Professor Dr. Stefanie Meyer said.

Dr. Meyer suggests building a health conversation with your healthcare system and using local resources like gyms to find the best method of being active while staying safe.

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