Social Distancing: Testing From Both Ends

New COVID Testing Methods Sound Sweet And Sour


COVID testing is a key to catching the virus and hopefully curbing the spread.
I’ve been tested. I know a lot of you have been tested. Nowadays they either stick a swab up your nose or down your throat.
Well, scientists are trying new way to catch the virus. I’m gonna tell you about two of them. One of them sounds like a much more pleasant experience than the other.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. The Washington Post, Forbes and other outlets are reporting that China has started using anal swabs to test for COVID.
A hospital official in Beijing claims COVID lasts longer in human waste and the anus than it does in the respiratory tract, so you can better detect mild of asymptomatic cases.
Critics say there’s no evidence the virus passes through the digestive system, so what’s the point?
Either way, they’re starting to insert swabs one to two inches into people’s rectums to test for the virus. My guess is that this would get more people to opt for the vaccine when it becomes available.

But stateside, they’re working on a method to detect COVID that’s a considerably sweeter experience than dropping your pants for a swab.
They’re using candy!

A team of researchers at Ohio State University is working on a study to determine if fruit-flavored candy can be used to test for taste and smell loss from COVID. Sounds a lot better than a swab stuck in any orifice.

Associate Professor Chris Simons says for 90 days people in the study will be required to identify the taste and smell of a specially-created hard candy. They will then enter their results into a phone app. If the participant reports a sudden drop in taste or smell, they’ll get a text message to test for COVID.

Just don’t get those two methods confused. That’ll just be a sticky mess.

Tell me about your COVID test experience. I bet it was somewhere between getting to eat candy and getting swabbed where the sun don’t shine.
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