Social Distancing: Freeze Your Pants

Frozen Pants Are A Tradition In Minnesota


Sub- zero temperatures in our region will freeze your pants off, making it the perfect time to kick start a local tradition that’s a perfect at-home socially distancing activity.

Frozen pairs of pants are popping up in front yards across the Minneapolis.
The snow covered lawns have been transformed into pieces of art, as the frozen jeans can be stand-in for family portraits.
The tradition of dipping old denim into water and hanging them outside to freeze has been making its way through the Northern Minneapolis neighborhood after a Facebook page brought it back to life.
One family says it gave them a fun activity to do together on a cold winter day, while others say it has become a sort of scavenger hunt to find all of the area’s frozen jean scenes.

I am 100% trying this out. I’m asking you to do the same.
Please, throw your wet pants outside and take a picture of them. I would LOVE to see this trend catch on here.
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