Social Distancing: Bear With Me

Bears Are Expert Social Distancers


Spring is almost here. A season of rebirth. A lot of us are itching to get out after spending a pandemic winter stuck inside.
I found a couple of guys who knew how to quarantine right during COVID.

Bears! These are the brother and sister grizzly pair Cocoa and Copper at the Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton.
And they’re a couple of groggy piles of fluff, teeth and claws right now.
They’re just waking up from their torpor, which is basically their rest mode during hibernation.
They’re socially distanced in their den and isolating with each other. Wonderful COVID-reducing behaviors.
But like a lot of us they’re getting ready to bust out this spring.
The Zoo says they actually woke up earlier than usual this year because of the warm weather we’ve been having.
They should be up and about like their normal selves soon.
Hopefully they won’t have to wait too long for vaccines to get distributed so more people can come see them.

What’s your pandemic spirit animal?
Is it a bear?
Staying nestled at home all winter.
Eating everything you can ahead of a long nap.
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