Jane Fonda Joins Line 3 Pipeline Protest

HUBBARD COUNTY, Minn. (KVRR) – Activist and actress Jane Fonda joins a team of indigenous women as they protest the construction of Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 replacement pipeline in Northern Minnesota.

“I was invited here by my friends to stand with them and try to call attention to what is being done by Enbridge,” Fonda said.

Line 3 is an over 1,000 mile long pipeline and cross over 337 miles long of Minnesota’s most cleanest waters.

“This is a crime to be bringing tar sands oil. The most dangerous polluting, greenhouse gas producing oil that when it leaks; because it’s so heavy it sinks. It’s very very hard to clean up,” Fonda said.

Other activists voice their frustrations and say it’s a project they do not want contaminating their land or the environment.

“It’s an infrastructure project that causes human rights violations that is not necessary. It’s a bad investment in infrastructure. What we want is a just transition. What we want is water for people not for oil companies. We don’t want to be fighting for rocks and pipes for the rest of our lives,” Environmentalist Winona LaDuke said.

Fonda says the reconstruction of the pipeline must come to an end before it’s too late.

“We’re allowing a foreign oil company to bring the most poisonous oil across this sacred land and across our country to be exported at a time when science is saying we are confronting an existential climate crisis. We have very little time. We have very little time in 10 years when science says to cut our fossil fuels emissions in half,” said Fonda.

While halting the pipelines construction could potentially leave many people out of jobs, Fonda calls for President Biden to help create change.

“We are fighting and pressuring the Biden Administration that as he closes these pipelines, he will create what is called a fair transition to make sure that the workers are immediately transitioned to union jobs,” Fonda said.

Federal and state regulators have approved Enbridge’s construction permits.

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