Moler Barber College shows support for first reponders

"I think that we overlook how hard the first responders have worked though this whole pandemic."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – A barber shop in the community is providing free haircuts for a cause.

“Me and my wife were down getting a vaccine and I looked around and looked at just how hard these people are working and sometimes I think that we overlook how hard the first responders have worked though this whole pandemic,” Moler Barber College Owner Andrew Storkamp said.

Andrew Storkamp who is an instructor at Moler Barber College says he wanted to offer free haircuts for first responders as a sign of his appreciation.

“What I want to do is give back to them any little bit I can. I really don’t know and I have no idea how many are going to come out, but we’ve got all of our students available to cut hair and I’m also here as well,” said Storkamp.

Storkamp says showing his appreciation for first responders just wasn’t enough so he took things a step further to help even more people affected by the pandemic.

“I started remembering how many people had been affected by COVID. So I called the Fargo Emergency Food Pantry and I said the people who do come in who are not first responders will get their regular $9 haircuts and we’ll give 100 percent of the proceeds to one family that they handpick,” Storkamp said.

Stacie Leogering who works at the Emergency Food Pantry says the family selected to receive the assistance has gone through some difficult hardships and wishes to remain anonymous out of fear from the community.

“One of the things that she has seen is some bullying at her daughters school and just really concerned that this particular family with this particular child was known to be in poverty and really struggling financially,” Emergency Food Pantry Executive Director Stacie Leogering said.

Nonetheless, Leogering says the family is grateful for the help being provided.

“She was incredibly excited, just knowing how much she struggled not with just the COVID year, but has multiple kids under the age of 18 and recognizing that whatever the dollar amount ends up being from this promotion will just help her out tremendously,” said Leogering.

“Maybe it’ll help them out. I know it’s a single mom with two kids, she’s a hard worker, but felt hard times during this pandemic like a lot of people have,” Storkamp said.

Storkamp encourages people to stop by and says no appointment is necessary to receive a haircut.

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