Social Distancing: Getting Back Out There

Tips On Re-entering Society At Your Own Pace


Things are starting to look more optimistic as more and more people are vaccinated. COVID numbers aren’t nearly as bad as they were late last year around here, but active cases are on the rise a bit in North Dakota, so still be careful.
As we are inching towards a new normal, the state is releasing some guidelines for people who want to dip their toes back into society again while still reducing your risk.

The North Dakota Department of Behavioral Health recommends your start small, maybe having one friend over for coffee or eating on a patio.
Try outdoor activities with a friend like a picnic or fishing. Or you can try to visit your favorite local shop at non-peak hours.
But the state does recommend your keep wearing your masks and avoid large crowds.

If you are looking to really bust out of your COVID bubble and go somewhere, the country of Iceland, as of today, is allowing travelers from America to avoid mandatory quarantines while visiting if you can provide evidence you’ve been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID.
The Icelandic government says there are fewer than 60 confirmed or suspected COVID cases in the country, and zero COVID hospitalizations.
So if you’re vaccinated and want to explore Viking history and see the Northern Lights from a geothermal pool, there you go.
I’ve been dreaming of traveling at the end of the pandemic, and this news inspired me to try one of the state’s COVID ideas. I went to Stabo, the Scandinavian store in downtown Fargo early Wednesday afternoon.
Off-peak hours are great. I was the only customer in the story.
And I bought an Iceland candy bar to eat while I ponder the possibilities once the world gets safer.

Are you getting out a little more than you were before?
Are you dreaming of traveling again free from COVID concern?
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