$3 for a gallon of gas? Local expert says likely won’t happen in the Midwest

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — As gas prices steadily increase, $3 per gallon could become the national average in the next couple of months.

However, Gene LaDoucer with AAA doesn’t believe our region will get there.

After seeing almost daily increases for weeks, LaDoucer says prices are showing signs of stability. “Gasoline and oil futures have actually declined in the past few days, and without some impetus to force them higher, I really don’t see gasoline prices moving sharply higher,” he explained.

Myron Cusey of Horace stopped by a Fargo gas station Wednesday afternoon. He drives nearly 1,000 miles every week for work. “I suppose it maybe affects me at the most $20 a week,” he said.

LaDoucer says we normally see the highest gas prices in April or May. This year, we may have already seen our highest or close to it.

In part, that may be due to increased demand as we make progress in the pandemic and people return to more normal driving habits.

Even so, LaDoucer says the demand is still well below pre-pandemic levels. He doesn’t anticipate a sharp increase on average in our region, even if a small number of gas stations in North Dakota and Minnesota begin charging $3.

“We might see a few gas stations in parts of the state that might raise their gasoline price to $3 but overall on average, I don’t expect to see that,” he said.

In the meantime, LaDoucer offers this piece of advice: pay close attention to the price on the sign. He recommends tracking prices in your community to see which gas stations are generally most affordable.

He offers some more tips: “Just drive to save gasoline. Avoid quick starts, no rapid stops, lighten the load in the truck.”

If you already practice these gas-saving driving habits, there’s not much else to do besides wait and see.

“I think some of it was unavoidable, but I guess time will tell what we get,” said Cusey.

Prices in North Dakota and Minnesota are both averaging several cents lower than the national average, which was sitting at $2.874 on Wednesday.

For more information on gas prices by AAA, click here.

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