Blue Angels AirSho team stops in Fargo

They came to prepare for their airsho later on this summer.

FARGO, N.D. – (KVRR) If you look up high in the sky you’ll see the F 18 Super Hornet coming down to make a landing in Fargo. Members of The Blue Angels AirSho Team made their winter visit to the city to scope out the friendly skies before returning again later on this year for the Fargo AirSho.

“We are very excited to execute our mission which is to showcase that precision and professionalism of the navy marine corps so to get back out on the streets to do that is usually important to us,” said Julius Bratton

This will be the unit’s 12th time in Fargo to put on a flight demonstration to represent the thousands of sailors and marines across the globe and showcase the professional teamwork flying of the navy.

“To accomplish that mission is why we joined the team to get out and interact with people and inspire culture of excellence not only for the avocational enthusiasm but for anybody who is trying to do anything great in their lives to say see this is how we do things you know we practice” Bratton said.

This is the first year the Blue Angels team is using the F 18E Super Hornet Jet in their shows.

“It’s humbling it’s challenging its keeps your brain moving fast it’s everything you want out of a flying machine” Bratton mentioned about flying the jet,” Bratton said.

“Getting to watch the blue angels fly over head practice was really inspiring and now I get to be apart of the team and bring the show to the entire country is a honor. Outreach is just as important as mentorship within our community and getting people in the military excited to fly as well through my career I have look to find other female aviators that are more senior than me to ask them how they navigated the scoop of flying a FA 18 as a lady,” Forster said.

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