Students and community march to end hate against Asian Americans at NDSU

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Students at North Dakota State University come together to shed light on social issues plaguing our country.

Stop Asian hate, black lives matter and love wins are some of the statements shared by student activists as they marched around campus for equality. In light of the recent spa shootings in Atlanta, the Asian American community and the NDSU’s Black Lives Matter chapter held a protest at the Memorial Union to bring awareness.

Many Asian Americans and people of color gathered making signs and walking on the concrete slogans expressing how they feel. Others gave first hand encounters about what they endured being a minority.

“I’ve always experienced people pointing or calling names bullying based off of just because of my color,” Hannah Floer said.

Students feel school officials haven’t done enough in order to support and address the situation of what people of color go through in life. They want to see change in their campus community.

“I like to see representation of color and minorities in our student government,” Floer stated

“Representation is one thing. I’ve been saying lets get a black woman in the presidency. Our whole goal is to hold them accountable, but I want them to find some personal accountability for themselves and really take a look at how their viewing policies and how that affects their minority students,” Alliye Doyle said.

The students stood in solidarity as they marched around the campus and along 12th Avenue holding signs to make sure administration heard their voices and demand action be taken.

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