Two people rescued from Red River after their kayak capsized

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FARGO (KVRR) — A man and woman were rescued from the Red River near Dike East in downtown Fargo Saturday afternoon. Authorities say their kayak overturned at 3:15 p.m.

A caller reported that there were two people in the water and neither had been able to get to shore.

Responders arrived a few minutes later and found the man had made it to the Fargo shore about 300 yards north of where the kayak capsized.

The woman was still stuck in waist deep water only a few yards from shore near the boat landing on the Fargo side.

The combination of the swift current and poor footing made it impossible for her to get to shore alone, but firefighters eventually pulled her out.

After warming up, the man and woman refused any further treatment and went home in their own vehicle.

The current temperature of the Red River is 43° Fahrenheit. The effects of hypothermia begin within 3-5 minutes at that water temperature.

The Fargo Fire Department is reminding people to wear a life jacket while kayaking on the river.

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