Energy Secretary discusses Biden’s American Jobs Plan to build the nation’s infrastructure

"This jobs plan is the biggest investment in America."

WASHINGTON (KVRR) — President Biden’s proposed American Jobs plan is aiming to help build up the nation’s infrastructure.

Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm says President Biden’s proposal of the American Jobs plan comes after the nation coming in short to competing nations.

“China has had it as part of their strategic vision to corner the market on areas of manufacturing. We should be doing the same thing. So what this jobs plan does is say invest and what Joe Biden has said is we’re not going to do that, we’re going to make stuff in America, we’re going to stamp it in ‘Made in America’, we’re going to use it in America and then maybe we’ll export it to other countries, but we’re not going to allow ourselves to be eaten for lunch,”Granholm said.

The plan would not only help build up the nation’s economy, but it would bring more jobs to people in need.

“This is a plan to be able to ensure that we can put people back to work which is why it’s the jobs plan, the recovery plan essentially. So this is going to create millions of jobs for all kinds of people in all pockets of the country,” Granholm said.

The proposed plan will also focus on cleaner and more efficient energy.

“The components of this bill focus on the technologies that will allow us to get to net zero carbon pollution by the year 2050. We have to put up new transmission wires, lines, grids that means people are going to have to build that stuff, put it to work, build it, erect it,” said Granholm.

Granholm says there is still some work to be done for President Biden to see this plan come to fruition.

“The president has said is he really does want to see a bipartisan effort at passing this. Normally republicans and democrats agree on the investments in infrastructure. We want to make sure that we get that bipartisan support,” said Granholm.

Granholm says President Biden is hoping to get bipartisan support before this summer.

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