Easter Egg Hunt hosted by local restaurant

Families were able to enjoy food and fun in the sun

FARGO, N.D. -(KVRR) — “We are family friendly with that being said we thought what better way to do that then bring in the holiday season incorporated in a little way”

The Easter bunny made a stop at a local restaurant this weekend in order to give kids some fun and happiness.

Kiddos from all ages were able to stop by O’Kelly’s Tastes and toddies for a family friendly day. The restaurant had plenty of food choices for kids and their parents. Families were able to enjoy the day while also being socially distanced and comfortable.

“Nobody wants to be cooped up we all been cooped up too long this last year
We want to be able to get out as much as we can and stay safe with the Covid restrictions.”

Not only did the sun make an appearance, the Easter bunny came out and hid some eggs for the kids to go find.

“It finally got nice outside and we have a beautiful courtyard that a lot of people don’t know about so why not utilize it. So we thought an Easter egg hunt would be a fun way to do that.”

After filling their bellies with pizza and soda, kids went on the search looking high and low for treats the bunny hid for them of course with the help of their parents.

“It’s hard for people to find a place that is family oriented and still be able to be relaxed and people not judged for having kids around.”