City of Fargo Encourages Pothole Reporting

For smoother commutes you can report road damages through the FargoOne website or smartphone App.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The city of Fargo is hoping to make your commute a smoother one by encouraging people to report potholes throughout the Metro.

As the cold weather freezes and expands it may cause a few cracks along the way and with the arrival of warmer weather there is bound to be some damaged roadways.

“We don’t know where every pothole is. We’ve got a pretty good idea where there’s areas that we need to address sooner than others,” Fargo Public Works Supervisor, Lee Anderson said.

Lee Anderson, Supervisor for Fargo Public Works says there are a few ways you can report road damages.

“You can always call Public Works or there’s a pothole reporting form on the website, there’s a FargoOne app you can send in and we address them as they come in and we do the best we can. You report them, we’ll get them on the list, and we’ll address them at some point in this season,” Said Anderson.

Anderson says with warmer temperatures crews have had the chance to get a head start fixing roadways with old material.

“We’ve gotten off to a little bit of an earlier start here and we take the old product that still has oil in it., we heat it up, it rejuvenates it. Its recycled product and it turns into a nice workable asphalt. It’s already been paid for and it’s not coming out of the budget and it’s a very economical way to fill holes early in the season,” Anderson said.

With an influx of pothole requests, Anderson says to remain patient of the repairs to come.

“Looking forward to a good season of fixing roads, get ready for the orange cones and detours and all that good stuff,” said Anderson.

The FargoOne website and app can also be used to report other city issues as well, such as overgrown lawns and burnt out streetlights.

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