NDDOT working to repair buckled road

Fargo Public Works will also assist in the repairs to ensure safer and more reliable road conditions.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — If you’re thinking about heading out on the road, make sure to keep an eye out for damage as the pressure from extreme heat is causing roads to buckle under pressure. “Main avenue pavement buckled from pressures from heat causing expansion,” NDDOT Fargo District Engineer Bob Walton said. The roadway on Main Avenue just before merging…

City of Fargo Encourages Pothole Reporting

For smoother commutes you can report road damages through the FargoOne website or smartphone App.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The city of Fargo is hoping to make your commute a smoother one by encouraging people to report potholes throughout the Metro. As the cold weather freezes and expands it may cause a few cracks along the way and with the arrival of warmer weather there is bound to be some damaged roadways. “We don’t know…

City of Fargo Working on Road Repairs

Potholes can appear quickly, especially in roads that are already in need of repairs

You may not even notice one until you drive over it and officials with the city of Fargo say they areĀ getting an early start on pothole repairs this season. Many of us are enjoying the warmer temperatures during the day, but it still gets below freezing at night. Fargo Public works tells usĀ the cycle of freezing and melting is a…